PBA is NOT just another “travel team” organization. Our teams are not the sum total of what our organization is, but rather just another aspect of what we offer. Our teams play in local, regional and national tournaments and offer players that are very passionate about playing baseball, as well as committed to playing at the highest level, with an opportunity to do so.

Our team levels are structured as follows:

Youth Travel Teams - players 9 to 12

Showcase Prep Teams - players 13-15

Showcase Prospects Team - players 14+

Any player can tryout for placement on a Pinnacle team at any point throughout the year. We also hold open tryouts for our youth teams every year in July, and will advertise on our homepage various other tryout opportunities throughout the year. 

To register for an open tryout, please use the register button (on homepage). If you would like to tryout for a Pinnacle team, and there are no open tryouts being advertised, please contact us.