Problem Statement: In today's society, the state of competitive youth baseball has become unbalanced. Too many parents and players are falling victim to predatory recruitment through the commercialized promise of playing for an "elite" organization or team. They jump from team to team, organization to organization, effectively chasing the promise of excellence rather than dedicating themselves to the pursuit of it. The reality for these young players is that they often play for too many team, play in environments in which winning is the only desired result, and have their and their parents' egos falsely fed to the point in which the concept of a "team sport" is entirely replaced by individual entitlement.

As a result, players lose their sense of community by playing for too many teams outside of their local and neighboring counties, become overused (and thus at a higher risk for injuries), and don't truly learn the meaning of respect for their teammates, coaches, officials, the game of baseball itself, and its traditions. In addition, competition for playing on one of these teams has driven the costs associated with participation to levels that exclude underprivileged players from being eligible.