Game 1: Pinnacle 12U started off strong with a 16-1 win in their first game. Hunter C. pitched a no-hitter, with home runs by Will E. and Hunter C., and a grand slam by CJ S.

Game 2: Pinnacle 12U finished with a score of 21-5 (Pinnacle), with a total of 6 home runs (Carter C., Johnny V., and Will E). They broke the record set by the 12U Red team in 2015 for most home runs in a Cooperstown game (5). They are seeded 10th out of 104 going into day two of the tournament.

Game 3: Pinnacle 12U had one home run by Austin B. and some terrific pitching, but lost 3-1.

Game 4: Pinnacle 12U took the lead in the 4th inning with a home run by Devin W., and won 7-1. They are seeded 18th out of 104 teams going in to day three of the tournament.