Every year, we offer camps such as our hitting camp, pitching camp, catching camp, and infielders camp as well as instructional clinics that are open to any player looking to improve their baseball abilities. Our instructors are all trained professionals that have years of experience in spotting flaws and teaching the necessary corrections.


Camp or clinic? Deciding on what’s right for you.


We are often asked what the difference is between a camp and a clinic. Definitions and structures vary across the board; however, the major difference at PBA is that our camps typically run for an extended period of time (for example, eight total sessions that meet once a week for one to two hours, for 8 consecutive weeks) while our clinics are typically executed as one or two sessions (total) and run between two to three hours per session.


There are other differences, mainly in that our camps are designed to offer more opportunity for hands on instruction (meaning our player to instructor ratio is closely monitored to ensure that it does not exceed 4 to 1), they allow for us to set longer term development goals, as well as help re-enforce the lessons being taught through lots of repetition and drill work. This structure also allows us to monitor, record, analyze and discuss each player’s progress as part of their end of camp player assessment.


Alternatively, our clinic structure is designed to be more demonstration and lecture based in nature; however, will at times also allow for some level of repetition. Clinics allow our instructors to teach various aspects of the game by scaling their lessons to offer everything from basic to advanced level material.

Registration is now closed for all camps and clinics. Please check back often for new camps. Registration is open for the REPS program.

Individual lessons and memberships are always available.