Our Philosophy



Over the years I have passionately dedicated countless hours to private instruction and coaching youth baseball players at all levels. During that time, I've seen a lot of changes and as a result struggled with several questions. The most important of which has been "has the game of baseball changed that much since I was taught?" Specifically, why do young players have the attitude that baseball somehow owes them something? Why do so many of today's coaches sacrifice honest constructive feedback for the sake of protecting egos? Lastly, why is the message to our parents and players that it requires a $400 bat to be a good hitter?

I've drawn my own conclusions to these questions and realized just how much misconception surrounds youth baseball. The truth is that the game of baseball hasn't changed, the players have. The truth is that today's players need to learn that they owe the game and to respect it at all times. The truth is that today's coaches need to make this a prioritiy and always set the example. The truth is that it doesn't require expensive equipment but for some it's more convenient to purchase the promise of performance, than it is to dedicate oneself to the pursuit of it. 

In January of 2013, I founded Pinnacle baseball to correct these misconceptions and to make a positive difference in the development of baseball players of all ages & skill levels, regardless of the teams they play on or the leagues in which participate. Starting on day-one, it will be ingrained in our participants to learn the value of earning their place through hard work, dedication and desire. Pinnacle baseball will not feed egos, but instead cultivate the belief that EVERY player has something to gain, something to offer, and to never be satisfied with where they are right now in their development as a player. 


Pinnacle Baseball offers a wide variety of programs designed to give youth players in our area access to the best training facility, instruction, repetition, education, and overall baseball experience. We don’t place all players in one mold but instead draw on their individual strengths and help address  individual weaknesses. Having played professional baseball I understand what it takes to play at higher levels. Pinnacles philosophy is that EVERY player regardless of skill or age has something to GAIN.


- Chris Stowe, Founder Pinnacle Baseball


"Building your future one lesson at a time!”